Thursday, October 2, 2014

Family Friends Friday - Gathering of the Clan

What a great weekend...........  a day at my first Scottish Games and a day with family members I have not seen or talked too in many many years- it's an ABERLE gathering. It was held in a home in West Sacramento- pool, swimming, and BBQ and lot so catching up. What a great day, and I hope the first of many......... Thanks Janice for your hospitality and opening up your home to this bunch. We had a great time. Hopefully the grounds were left as clean as it was when we arrived.

It did rain/sprinkled a little through out the day but it did not stop anything..........  just enough water that we knew it was coming down but no thunder or lightning so the water fun continued along with the BBQ etc etc.

The Cousins- it all about the cousins and their children. Only one cousin missing. Nate lives in Chicago so we really didn't expect to see him but wouldn't it have been great. Hi Nate, maybe next time.

left to right:   Jake (Connie's son); Anabella with DJ and Zaiden; Connie; Jason with Ashlyn (Michael's daughter), Travis with Aden (Michael's son) and Michael.........  what a great looking group.

There are certainly other cousins from other sides of the family but this is the immediate ABERLE cousins.

..........and here is everyone together. 
back left: Ron and Connie; Jason Aberle; Deb Aberle (wife of John Aberle); Leslie and Travis Aberle; Joe (Louella's friend) and Louella Fusaro (Travis's mother); Chuck and Sandi (Gardner-Aberle) Benward
front left: Jake (Ron & Connie's son); Josh (Jason's son); Anabella (daughter) & Zaiden (son) of DJ;   Michael Aberle; John Aberle; Ashlyn and Aden Aberle (Michael's children)
Not pictured Krisi (Jason's wife) & missing is Nate from Chicago & thanks to Janice for taking the pictures from 3 dozen phones. 

Great day with a BBQ machine out of the dark ages (1999), ran out of charcoal and ran out of lighter fluid but we finally got it all together between Janice, Connie, and John........  the charcoal temps finally got up to temps (of course after we cooked most of the meat) that would actually cook food well .............  beef, chicken, vegi, steaks and hot dogs all went on.....  lots of very good side dishes, fruit and sweets and plenty of drinks of all types. My two dozen deviled eggs disappeared quickly.

Several took advantage of the pool..........  love the make up of the pool, with a very shallow end for lounge chairs. How cool is that!! AND AND the pool is filled with salt water YES salt water. 

.........and these wonderful stepping stones around the pool that are sand dollars. Absolutely love them.

Notes to myself to-do:  Need to get with Connie and write down all the basic information about my niece and nephews, their spouses and children. It surprises me how much I don't know. Need to get caught up with the living first and then go back to the Ancestors.......

All these cousins all come from two families.........  Walter Bridge ABERLE and brother John ABERLE. The whole thing is a little complex (volatile & emotional) so I won't go into it here, I just need to know that I know the truth.

Walter ABERLE is the father of Michael, Jason and Travis
John ABERLE is the father of Connie, Douglas John (DJ) and Nate

Walter & John's parents are:

Douglas John and Dorothy Margaret (Bridge) ABERLE both born in 1921 in San Francisco, California both deceased

ABERLE family side is sketchy at best........  this information came from my wedding book, the family tree for groom filled in by MIL Dorothy Aberle...........

Doug's parents are listed as:
Miguel (Central America) and Clara (Klein- San Jose, California) ABERLE

Miguel's parents are: Richard ABERLE (no wife listed) he is from Spain
Clara's parents are: Walter and Clara (BAHN) Klein -both from Germany

Dorothy BRIDGE Aberle is a bit easier to follow back..........
 born in San Francisco, California in  1921 (- 2003)
Her parents: Ernest Herbert Bridge (B: Park City, Utah) and
           Anna Frances Mache (San Francisco, California)

Ernest's parents:
John M and Helen (CATO) BRIDGE both from England
Anna's parents:
Peter (b: Lombardy, Italy) and Meta (Klee  b: New York, New York) Mache

I can see where some of the given names are popping up on the ABERLE side ......
                             Walter, Douglas John, Clara
....and so far I see where there is English, German and Italian backgrounds - Italian research is new for me.

Wondering if any of the family have any family pictures of the grandparents and great grandparents. That would be wonderful........  

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Travel Tuesday - Scottish Games in Dixon - Come join us at the CEILIDH!!

The Scottish Games gave me an opportunity to Explore my Scottish side on my dad's side...... all at the Dixon Scottish Games yesterday. I have never attended before although each year I hear about them and for whatever reason could not make it. So this year all the stars were in alignment, a beautiful day and Chuck came with me...........  how much better does it get!! (well, add men in kilts) (Yes there are plenty of women participating too)

The Games feature a slice of Scottish life for guests to learn about, and sample.  Vendors selling Scottish foods, drink, and goods, will be on hand.  Athletes will compete in traditional Scottish sporting events, including Shinty and Rugby.  Dancers, pipers, and pipe bands will play and perform to traditional Scottish tunes.  And the clans will be present to help you find your inner Scot.

For more information about the Games & the Association - Dixon Scottish Cultural Association

I was thrilled because there was an interactive genealogical lecture presented by Lauren Boyd McLachlan.  
Lauren is President of the House of Boyd, President of the Scottish Information Society, Past President of the Marin County Genealogical Society, Co– Administrator of the Scottish DNA Project and Genealogist Emeritus for Clan Stewart Society in America.  
Lauren’s lectures  on Scottish Genealogy have been well received at the Sacramento Valley Caledonian Club’s Scottish Games and Gatherings as well as other venues for several years.  She has had a life long interest in family history and has been doing genealogy since the 1980s. She even gave us the password so that we could download her handout from the lecture. 

So You Think You Are Scottish but you need a SECRET password to download the information.

Scottish Heavy Athletics a little more explanation of each of the games...........

Wow, grown healthy men in kilts, what else could I ask for!! It sure kept my attention.......  and of course the question that is always asked. Anything under those kilts? Don't know but...............

Weight Over the Bar - Hammer Throw- now 16-22 lbs iron balls 

Throwing metal of great weights is not as easy as it looks. They brought the piece over to the sidelines so we could examine it and hold it............ HEAVY!!!! 

Caber Toss - 

Huge logs about 19 feet long and weighing about 120 lbs. must be thrown end to end........ and it is not an easy thing to do either. Very few were able to do it. 


So much harder to do ..........  he missed to put the sack over the top bar.... but listen to the music!!

I don't know what this game is called "SACK SLINGING?" I am sure that he was exhausted since this was the end of the day and each participant had quite a number of tries........ the bar is started above the colored marks and is raised 3 feet after each participants makes it over the bar or exhaust his 3 tries .....  then the remaining continue with 3 feet higher and then another 3 feet  etc. It starts with 23 feet and ends at 32 or maybe it was 35 feet............

Friday, September 19, 2014

Surname Saturday: TROWBRIDGE and BRISTOL

TROWBRIDGE AND BRISTOLS (on my mother side) 

I got curious and went and found the "TROWBRIDGE" Genealogy Book that I downloaded at the Salt Lake City Library. There sure is a lot of history along with the genealogy aspect too.

5th Great Grandparents:
Benjamin BRISTOL (1720 New Haven , CT-1790 Washington, NY)  married (1744 Waterbury Connecticut) Thankful TROWBRIDGE (1729 New Haven, CT-)

So you can see where the TROWBRIDGE family entered the picture with my BRISTOL family. From all I have read, the Trowbridge family appears to be a very prominent, and wealthy family in England as well as in Massachusetts and into Connecticut.

The Trowbridge Genealogy Book, The History of the Trowbridge Family in America by Francis Bacon Trowbridge.  It is compilation. (1110 pages) The physical book was originally owned by the Seattle Genealogy Society and then they sold or gave it to the Salt Lake City Library who in turn digitized it. YEA!!!

From the Preface of the Book.........  a couple of paragraphs to get things into context........

About the year 1850 the first attempt was made to collect and arrange in genealogical order the descendants of Thomas Trowbridge, the first of his name in this country, who emigrated from Exeter, Devonshire, England, to Dorchester, Mass., as early as 1637, and soon after went with the early settlers to the
colony of New Haven. Those who were most interested in this undertaking were Thomas R. Trowbridge of New Haven, Philo M. Trowbridge of Woodbury, Conn., and Otis Trowbridge of Newton. Mass. As the result of their efforts, most of the descendants in the male line of Thomas, the second son of the settler, were collected by Rev. William S. Porter, who was employed for that purpose by Mr. Thomas R. Trowbridge; many of the descendants of William Trowbridge, the third son, were collected by Deacon Philo M. Trowbridge; and of the descendants of James Trowbridge, the youngest son, the records of several
hundred were collected and printed in a pamphlet in 1854 by Deacon Otis Trowbridge. John, the oldest son of the settler, did not come with his father to this country and died unmarried in early manhood in Taunton, England. The subject then rested until the summer of 1869, when Mr. Thomas E. Trowbridge employed Rev. Frederick W. Chapman to take the materials collected and gather such other records as might be found and prepare a book for publication. As a result of his work the "Trowbridge Family" was published in 1872.

The compilation of the present book was begun early in 1898. The genealogical standard has advanced materially since the "Trowbridge Family" was published, and the compiler of the present book decided that he would obtain the best results if he should disregard all printed records of the Trowbridges and
proceed as if no history of the family had ever been published. He has followed this plan throughout the compilation of this book, and all statements made are based on public records, examined by himself in nearly every case, or on correspondence with members of the family.

Following the Trowbridge family back from Thankful Trowbridge.............

Thankful's Parents:
6th Great Grandparents
William Trowbridge (1700New Haven, CT-1793) and Mehitable Blakslee (1702 New Haven, CT- )

William's Parents:
7th Great Grandparents
Thomas Trowbridge(?) and Abigail Beardsley (1664 Stratford, CT) -1770 (West Haven, CT)

Thomas's Parents:
8th Great Grandparents
William Trowbridge (1633- ) and Elizabeth Lamberton

William's Parents:
9th Great Grandparents
Thomas Trowbridge (1600 Taunton, Somerset, England) -1672 Taunton, Somerset, England) and
        Elizabeth Marshall (1602 Exeter, England - )

       Thomas: b Taunton Somersetshire, Eng 1610, settled Dorchester Mass, 1636, removed New Haven Con 1639, returned to Eng 1641and died in Taunton Somersetshire England in 1672  (BIRTH DATE is off by 10 years........  I am fairly certain that this is the same person but not sure which date is correct.
NOTE: 1610 birth date came from DIRECTORY of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families 1620-1700 HOMLES. The 1600 birthdate came from the Trowbridge Genealogy Book

But there is the connection to Massachusetts from England, continuing to Connecticut and back to England.

Wow I can hardly believe I can go back that far but I have!! .......and I can go back a couple more generations to my 10th & 11th Great Grandparents on the Trowbridge family but right now I have my hands completely full and fumbling to keep it together..........

Looking at the dates I think my earliest BRISTOL, Henry (7th Great Grandfather) was born around 1625 in England and he was in CT around the same time as the early Trowbridges. I always wonder if the families knew each other back in early 1600's in England........ (or is that like saying to an Englishman, I have a cousin in the Lake District, do you know her? More than likely NO is the answer. Just like someone saying to me, Oh your from California, do you know Joe Blue in the LA area?

I don't find any indication that one knew the other before American but I always wonder anyway.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Motivation Monday - NEHGS comes West for the Day

I was very fortunate to attend the "New England Historic Genealogical Society"  NEHGS Comes West: Navigating New England and New York Resources" It was held at the famous Hotel Shattuck Plaza in their Crystal Ballroom.........

,...... California Genealogical Society and Library partnered with NEHGS to put on this event.

I renewed my CGS membership and received a free copy of  "A Most Dreadful Earthquake, a first hand account by Dorothy Fowler ". I also renewed my NEHGS membership.

The Crystal Ballroom was a large room, very elegant with the old world look & feel, comfortable chairs, fake windows with mirror inserts (gave the room a much roomier space than it was)  ......  unfortunately the room was hard to cool down (it was warmer than usual in Berkeley)  ..........  coffee, tea and water were available all day and in the afternoon SURPRISE cookies appeared.

The four sessions that Chris Child
and Alice Kane
both from NEHGS presented ..............

Migrations Into and Out of New England, 1620-1900, Chris Child

Boston in a Whirlwind: A Primer Tour of 10 Repositories, Alice Kane

NEHGS Sources for New York Research, Chris Child

I Had Him in My Sights, and POOF! Strategies for Relocating the Disappearing Ancestor, Alice Kane

....... lots of good information and resources for me to follow-up with and investigate further. No, New York is not one of the New England states but it is a border state, it has a big impact on New England,  and many migrated there from one of the other New England states so they are doing a concentration on New York too.(and I am so glad) Since I have New York ancestors I was thrilled and very interested in the third session. I do have ancestors from Connecticut (and Massachusetts -I think). I think that part of the Connecticut ancestors originally came down from the Massachusetts Bay area, so I am wondering is that where they entered the United States.  You can see I am really looking forward to checking out their catalog to see what they do have and how they can further my research.

For some reason I have a hard time remembering which states make up the New England area..... I had to look it up again and the 6 states New England refers too are ........  Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut.

As far as I know right now I have one line (TROWBRIDGE) that I believe came down from the New England area - Massachusetts to New Haven Connecticut. I believe that they enter the US through Boston but need to research and find some documentation.

My fifth (5) great grandfather Benjamin BRISTOL (1721 New Haven CT-1790 Washington NY) married my 5th great grandmother Thankful TROWBRIDGE (1729 New Haven CT- ?unknown). They married 1744 in Waterbury CT before coming to New York.  I believe the TROWBRIDGE line goes back through Massachusetts to England. AND the other way from New Haven, to New York - Washington, Argyle, Summerhill, and eventually to Cortland all in New York. My research for the BRISTOL line begins in New Haven, Connecticut starting around 1625 ........  maybe there is a connection in Massachusetts. I will be looking there next, along with the TROWBRIDGE line.  I did download a TROWBRIDGE book through the Salt Lake City Library so that may have some basic information I am looking for.

Any BRISTOL'S and TROWBRIDGE'S out there?

And I am off.....................

Friday, September 12, 2014

Those Places Friday ........... Hanging Out in Berkeley, California

So here I am away from home again......... but just overnight,  I am attending a one day event in Berkeley California with the  New England Historical and Genealogical Society (Boston MA) who partnered with the California Genealogical Society (Oakland CA). Two  really good society's to be a part of ,,,,,, to be a member, They are both very active groups that offer their members quality,

I spent several hours getting to Berkeley today. I started in Sacramento with the Amtrak to Richmond, then took the BART to the Downtown Berkeley station. I guess it has been at least a year maybe longer since I have taken the AMTRAK. Seems a simple enough task, Buy ticket, get on train and off you go- not this time, I almost missed the train because I thought it came up right behind the station, so I am sitting waiting and then the announcement about the train being boarded. Oh my goodness, it now dawned on me where the train actually is and where I had to be, The trains themselves are now over closer to the old rail yards a long ways a way, I was and am so thankful that my hubby waited there with me and helped me get over to where I needed to be. Thank You Chuck.

Luckily the station is right across the street from my hotel......  Hotel Shattuck Plaza. It was built right after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, and opened in 1910, It changed hands many times over the years and actually had a name change for a short time - Whitecotton Hotel but it was soon renamed Hotel Shattuck. In 2007 it was purchased again, closed for a year and underwent an extensive multimillion dollar renovation. The outside was originally built in the mission style which represents California's Architectural heritage.

I took a walk around the block., getting some fresh air and looking for some POP well I found both sort of. Berkeley has not changed in 50 years. Coming out of this boutique hotel on to the streets of Berkeley is like going from day to night. Outside on the sidewalks are all types of characters- some high, some getting there, some sleeping, some selling whatever, playing and singing and asking for money,  Nothing changes. It takes me back to my high school/college years,

You can see below that the inside does not match the inside of the hotel. The elevator does not move unless you are a guest and insert your room card, (some of the hotels over this summer worked the same) but then as you enter your room, the lights and temperature controls do not work till you put your room card into a card docking system on the wall of the room, Hummm!! Cool!! and different,

Tomorrow will be a busy full day with the conference starting at 9am and ending at 3:30p. But somewhere  during lunch I will check out of my room but continue with the conference, And then at the end, return back to BART & then AMTRAK but this time getting off in Roseville.

This ride home will offer time to reflect and think about the conference. What if anything did I take away from the day, what can I use for my own research, what will help me........... and of course knitting all the way.

Both of these two hallways are on my floor.....  this first hall is at the end of the hallway to the left of my room,,,,,,,  that is a mirror you see at the end, and then you turn to the left,right and the walls change back to the orange brown color again........  the hallway below is my hallway but if you look to the end you will see another mirror where the hallway stops and it turns to the right with the with the white walls........ My door faces the elevator doors and so far so good with extra noise from people and the elevator sounds itself.

Main floor hallway from FIVE restaurant out to the interior outside patio area............

Very colorful and different inside the hotel than the outside of the hotel.

Dinner was a burger from the FIVE and it was excellent. I brought pitcher of ice water back to my room, I like this.

NiggggZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wordless Wednesday (almost) Wild & Wooly- "A Night at Old San Antonio"

                       Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Conference in San Antonio Texas

I just wanted to share another the day of the FGS Conference in San Antonio Texas. In  particular the wonderful evening event A Night at Old San Antonio 

If you click on the link you will see the classes I took that day but more important is the "Night at Old San Antonio" in words and pictures & a video. The volunteers and members of the San Antonio Genealogical Society and members of FGS put this together for a majority of the conference goers......  THANK YOU     I  hope you felt it was worth it was so much fun and very relaxing............. food was excellent, and the entertainment was outstanding. Thank You for the wonderful LOVE the fan... did I mention that it was very HOT and HUMID, well if I didn't, it was HOT and HUMID. I could have used it from Tuesday till I left on Monday. Thanks for the air conditioned comfy buses to transport us to and from.

Excellent all around conference.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Motivation Monday - Looking for Live Cousins- "DIETZ" of Bavaria and Hesse Darmstadt

           Looking for Live Cousins from my German Twig on my Fathers Side 

                                                    Searching for live cousins? 
                            This is such a new concept for me.....  
                                                 ..........and I am finding it exciting!  
                                                                               I am anxious to start this adventure.

                                 ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE SHARE

Looking over my August posts and I can see that I really slacked off. I seemed to have lost my mojo, my enthusiasm.  Maybe I needed a break and just didn't know it- just so much going on in July.  I was out of the state traveling for over 3 weeks in July. Everything just caught up with me and I got lazy and unfocused.  Funny thing is I out of the state in Texas right now, so now I am trying to think things through and see what I want to do next..........  I certainly have a pretty lengthy TO-DO list from previous months of posting and analysing .

I did take a number of German based classes this past week at FGS Conference in San Antonio. And one class that dealt with finding live cousins. Who knew!! So I need to go through my notes and the syllabus and see what I need to do to start this process. I am almost sure that I need to connect with a live female cousin who probably has the family bible, documents, pictures and personal information I need. But it could be any of them, you just never know where you will find the information you need.

I really do want to find some living cousins on my German twig, I cannot do anything cross the pond into Germany because I do not have  the parish/ village / town/ city. I do know the regions in Germany but both are too massive to really do anything with, so I am back to square one - finding out where they came from in Germany the exact Parish and/or Village in Bavaria and Hesse Darmstadt. I do need to get my maps out and see what "Germany" looked like in mid 1800's. What was going on in Germany and with them that caused them to come to America?

OK the German family name is DIETZ. I have posted a little on this name already but it was in connection to the GARDNER name...  Both were children coming from Europe with their parents, They met and married in the United States, I have done some posting about Harry but need to do some research and posting about Elizabeth and her family........ need to make that German connection.  Need to find living descendants of Elizabeth DIETZ and her siblings.

Here is the family structure as I know it right now........
........ starting with my 2x great grandparents on my fathers side - George and Caroline DIETZ 

George A DIETZ (b:1832 Bavaria -d:1907 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania)
wife Caroline NOEL (b:1844 Hesse Darmstadt - d: 1928 Pittsburgh Allegheny, Pennsylvania)
married to George before 1864 in Germany [best guess]

Elizabeth -my great grand mother on my fathers side 
(b: 1864 Baltimore Maryland -d: 1951 Alliance, Stark, Ohio)  married Harry B GARDNER no date/location - 6 known children

George, Jr (b: abt 1865 Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania - d: unknown [possibly Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania]- single.married children?

Henrietta (b:1868 Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania  - d: 1917 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania - married Robert LEVY in 1898 in Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania- no known children

Christian  (b: 1871  [probably Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania] - d: unknown  married Fannie LUTTINGER in Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania in 1905 - 2 known children

Maria   (b: 1874 unknown [probably Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania] - d: 1938 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania married John H SHIER unknown date/location  - no known children

Emma (1876, [probably Allegheny, Allegheny Pennsylvania]  - unknown married Edward RAIDER unknown date/location- 6 known children

Andrew H (b: 1880 [probably Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania] - d: 1914 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania - single/married children? -

Kate (b: 1882Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania  - d: 1941 Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania married John T RHALL in 1902 in Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania - no known children


The first record I have for George and Caroline DIETZ is the 1870 US Census. They are living in Allegheny City. Allegheny, Pennsylvania - no street address listed -

George is 32, white male, a chairmaker, from Bavaria, father & mother are foreign born, box is checked that he is a citizen
Caroline is 27, white female, keeping house, from Hesse-Darmstadt& father/mother are foreign born

children listed 
Lizzie, 5yr, from Pennsylvania - father & mother foreign born - att school
                   other records show Elizabeth was born in Baltimore, Maryland
George, 4yr, from Pennsylvania- father & mother foreign born
Henrietta, 1yr, from Pennsylvania - father & mother foreign born

There were two people in the 1880 US Census that were listed in the household above George & Caroline.  I thought they were related but not sure now.But I have not found any information to connect them or t disprove it,. I only found them on the one census and nothing after. I will be carrying them along for a while so I don't forget them. I want to connect them or disprove the relationship. .

John (72) and Johanna (70) DIETZ  both from Bavaria ...he was a stocking weaver
The 1880 Census shows both families were living at the same address.

So there are a number of grandchildren from George and Caroline children that I can try to follow and find them or their children .........

Elizabeth - 6 children (one of them is my grandfather)
Christian - 2 children
Emma - 6 children

Now that I have all this information in front on me, I can see the holes and what I have,  what I have makes more sense and gives me a better sense of what I need to do next.............but the first thing I need to do is go back over my materials from the conference and use it to my advantage. Keep it fresh  and use it........

.........continuing again soon.